diagrams-lib-1.4.2: Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics

Copyright(c) 2013 diagrams-lib team (see LICENSE)
LicenseBSD-style (see LICENSE)
Safe HaskellNone



Tools for adjusting the length of parametric objects such as segments and trails.



adjust :: (N t ~ n, Sectionable t, HasArcLength t, Fractional n) => t -> AdjustOpts n -> t Source #

Adjust the length of a parametric object such as a segment or trail. The second parameter is an option record which controls how the adjustment should be performed; see AdjustOpts.

data AdjustOpts n Source #

How should a segment, trail, or path be adjusted?


adjMethod :: Lens' (AdjustOpts n) (AdjustMethod n) Source #

Which method should be used for adjusting?

adjSide :: Lens' (AdjustOpts n) AdjustSide Source #

Which end(s) of the object should be adjusted?

adjEps :: Lens' (AdjustOpts n) n Source #

Tolerance to use when doing adjustment.

data AdjustMethod n Source #

What method should be used for adjusting a segment, trail, or path?


ByParam n

Extend by the given parameter value (use a negative parameter to shrink)

ByAbsolute n

Extend by the given arc length (use a negative length to shrink)

ToAbsolute n

Extend or shrink to the given arc length