dib-0.7.2: A simple, forward build system.

Safe HaskellNone



Module exposing the Stage type and related type wrappers, along with a convenience emptyStage.



data Stage Source #

Type describing a build stage. Takes a name, an InputTransformer, DepScanner, additional dependencies, and the builder function.


Eq Stage Source # 


(==) :: Stage -> Stage -> Bool #

(/=) :: Stage -> Stage -> Bool #

type InputTransformer = [SrcTransform] -> [SrcTransform] Source #

Type wrapper for functions transforming a list of SrcTransforms into a list of SrcTransforms suitable for passing into the DepScanner.

type DepScanner = SrcTransform -> IO SrcTransform Source #

Type wrapper for a function that takes a SrcTransform and produces a SrcTransform with dependencies included in the input.

type StageFunc = SrcTransform -> IO StageResult Source #

Type wrapper for a function that given a SrcTransform, produces either a SrcTransform containing the output files in the input, or an error.

emptyStage :: Stage Source #

A stage that does nothing and just passes the SrcTransforms through.