Changelog for direct-sqlite-2.3.15

v2.3.15 * Add support for the online backup API * Add support for incremental blob I/O * Add support for zeroblobs * Add support for enabling/disabling the shared cache mode * Add low-level bindings to sqlite3_wal_hook * Add function for retrieving the db handle from a custom function context. * Add bindings for sqlite3_errcode * Improve Travis CI coverage to cover more GHC versions (GHC 7.4 and higher) * Big thanks to Mario Titas and Marcin Tolysz for the above! v2.3.14 * Add custom functions, aggregates and collations. * Upgrade the bundled SQLite3 library to 3.8.5. * Add bindings for controlling whether extension loading is enabled or disabled. * Bump text and bytestring versions (actually, risking it and removing upper bounds) v2.3.13 * Add support for named parameters to queries. Split this changelog into a separate file (preserving its history). v2.3.12 * Upgrade bundled SQLite3 to v2.3.11 * Add support for URI filenames, and default to having them on. Among other things, this enables using in-memory databases. v2.3.10 * Add support for compiling the bundled SQLite3 with URI filename support. Specifying flags that would have affected the bundled SQLite3 no longer causes build failure if the "systemlib" flag is specified. v2.3.9 * Update bounds on the requirement on the "text" library. v2.3.8 * Upgrade bundled SQLite3 to 3.8.1. v2.3.7 * Fix a test failure related to 64-bit math on column indices. v2.3.6 * Re-apply the stat64 hack after upgrade to the bundled SQLite3. Oops! v2.3.5 * Add support to compile bundled SQLite3 with full-text search. Upgrade bundled SQLite3 to 3.7.17. v2.3.4 * Work around a linker error on some systems; add column-name reporting. v2.3.3.1 * Upgrade bundled SQLite3 to v2.3.3 * Add trace support, as a feature for debugging. v2.3.2 * Add execPrint, execWithCallback, and interruptibly functions. Add bindings for sqlite3_last_insert_rowid and sqlite3_changes. Change the Show instance of the Utf8 newtype to better match the IsString instance. v2.3.1 * Upgrade the bundled SQLite3 to 3.7.15. Add bindings for sqlite3_interrupt. Export Int rather than CInt. v2.3 * Mark some FFI calls "unsafe", for a substantial performance benefit. v2.2.1 * Bump down text library version to match with the latest Haskell Platform. v2.2 * Actually does what version 2.1 claimed to, since the author made a mistake with git. v2.1 * Improves handling of invalid UTF-8 and changes error handling to be more complete. It also adds a build flag to build against the system sqlite instead of the bundled one, optionally (disabled by default). v2.0 * Uses Text for strings instead of String. v1.1.0.1 * Switches to the Faction packaging system and makes no other changes. v1.1 * Adds the SQLite amalgamation file (version 3.7.5) to the project, so that there are no external dependencies.