directed-cubical- Finite directed cubical complexes and associated algorithms

Safe HaskellNone




Output finite directed cubical complexes in VTK polydata format.


ByteString output

type Title = StringSource

Type for file titles.

vtkPolyAscBS :: Title -> CubeCmplx -> ByteStringSource

Given a cubical complex, take its 2-skeleton and render a VTK ascii file in polydata format that represents this complex.

vtkPolyAscBSs :: FileName -> Title -> [CubeCmplx] -> [(FileName, ByteString)]Source

Given a base filename, base title, and list of cubical complexes, generate a list of named bytestrings of VTK ascii files associated to these complexes. Filenames and titles are appended with integers for compatibility with tools like ParaView.

File output

type FileName = StringSource

Type for file names.

vtkPolyAscFile :: FileName -> Title -> CubeCmplx -> IO ()Source

Given a filename, title, and cubical complex, take the 2-skeleton, render to VTK polydata ascii format, and write to storage.

vtkPolyAscFiles :: FileName -> Title -> [CubeCmplx] -> IO ()Source

Same as vtkPolyAscBSs, but write the resulting files.