distributed-closure-0.3.5: Serializable closures for distributed programming.

Safe HaskellNone




class Typeable p => StaticProfunctor p where Source #

Instances of StaticProfunctor should satisfy the following laws:

staticDimap (static id) (static id) = static id
staticLmap (static id) = static id
staticRmap (static id) = static id
staticDimap f g = staticLmap f . staticRmap g

Minimal complete definition

staticDimap | staticLmap, staticRmap


staticDimap :: (Typeable a, Typeable b, Typeable c, Typeable d) => Closure (a -> b) -> Closure (c -> d) -> p b c -> p a d Source #

staticLmap :: (Typeable a, Typeable b, Typeable c) => Closure (a -> b) -> p b c -> p a c Source #

staticRmap :: (Typeable a, Typeable c, Typeable d) => Closure (c -> d) -> p a c -> p a d Source #