dom-parser-3.1.0: Simple monadic DOM parser

Safe HaskellNone





class FromDom a where Source #

Class of types which can be parsed from single XML element. The method fromDom is convenient default to use with inElem

Minimal complete definition


proxyFromDom :: forall proxy m a. (FromDom a, Monad m) => proxy a -> DomParserT Identity m a Source #

Explicit methods for convenience

boolFromDom :: Monad m => DomParserT Identity m Bool Source #

Expects content to be y, yes, t, true or 1 for True Values n, no, f, false or 0 for False. Case is not significant, blank characters are striped.

unitFromDom :: Monad m => DomParserT Identity m () Source #

Always successfully parses any DOM to ()

voidFromDom :: Monad m => DomParserT Identity m Void Source #

Never parses successfully. It is just empty