drifter-0.2.4: Simple schema management for arbitrary databases.

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Managing Migrations

resolveDependencyOrder :: [Change a] -> [Change a] Source #

Take an unordered list of changes and put them in dependency order. migrate will do this automatically.

changeSequence :: [Change a] -> [Change a] Source #

This is a helper for the common case of where you just want dependencies to run in list order. This will take the input list and set their dependencies to run in the given sequence.

migrate :: Drifter a => DBConnection a -> [Change a] -> IO (Either String ()) Source #

Runs a list of changes. They will automatically be sorted and run in dependency order. Will terminate early on error.


class Drifter a where Source #


migrateSingle :: DBConnection a -> Change a -> IO (Either String ()) Source #

How to run a single, isolated migration.

data family Method a Source #

data family DBConnection a Source #