ds-kanren: A subset of the miniKanren language

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ds-kanren is an implementation of the miniKanren language.

What's in ds-kanren?

Try the left and the right and gather solutions that satisfy either one.
Create a fresh logical variable
Equate two terms. This will backtrack if we can't unify them in this branch.
Actually run a logical computation and return results and the constraints on them.

In addition to these core combinators, we also export a few supplimentary tools.

The opposite of ===, ensure that the left and right never unify.

The Classic Example

We can define the classic appendo relationship by encoding lists in the Lisp "bunch-o-pairs" method.

appendo :: Term -> Term -> Term -> Predicate
appendo l r o =
  conde [ program [l === "nil",  o === r]
        , manyFresh $ \h t o ->
            program [ Pair h t === l
                    , appendo t r o
                    , Pair h o === o ]]

Once we have a relationship, we can run it backwards and forwards as we can with most logic programs.

>>> let l = list ["foo", "bar"]
>>> map fst . runN 1 $ \t -> appendo t l l
>>> map fst . runN 1 $ \t -> appendo l t l
>>> map fst . runN 1 $ \t -> appendo l l t
[(foo, (bar, (foo, (bar, nil))))]

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