Changelog for env-parser-

0.0.2 Joseph Abrahamson <> * Interface: solidified the basic interface for building and executing on a `Parser` type. * Interface: introduced new convenience methods for interpreting the `Errors` and `Analysis` types. * Documentation: rewrote the README and Haddock documentation to be easier to understand and provide working examples. 2014-01-18 Joseph Abrahamson <> * src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Introduced flexible environment structure designed for multiple implementations for IO and testing. * src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Added dependency search * src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: FromEnv parsers for numbers and string types * src/System/Environment/Parser/Database.hs: Introduced DBConnection type with FromEnv instance * src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Introduced FromEnv for Data.Time types * src/System/Environment/Parser/Encoded.hs: Added encoded bytestring types * src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Introduced Aeson Value FromEnv instances * src/System/Environment/Parser/Encoded.hs: Added To/FromJSON instances for Encoded bytestrings * src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Added envParse