ethereum-rlp-0.1.0: Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding

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The RLP module provides a framework within which serializers can be built, described in the Ethereum Yellowpaper (

The RLPObject is an intermediate data container, whose serialization rules are well defined. By creating code that converts from a given type to an RLPObject, full serialization will be specified. The RLPSerializable class provides functions to do this conversion.



data RLPObject Source #

An internal representation of generic data, with no type information.

End users will not need to directly create objects of this type (an RLPObject can be created using rlpEncode), however the designer of a new type will need to create conversion code by making their type an instance of the RLPSerializable class.

rlpSerialize :: RLPObject -> ByteString Source #

Converts RLPObjects to bytes.

Full serialization of an object can be obtained using rlpSerialize . rlpEncode.

rlpDeserialize :: ByteString -> RLPObject Source #

Converts bytes to RLPObjects.

Full deserialization of an object can be obtained using rlpDecode . rlpDeserialize.