eventful-core-0.2.0: Core module for eventful

Safe HaskellNone




data ProcessManager state event command Source #

A ProcessManager manages interaction between aggregates. It works by listening to events on an event bus and applying events to its internal Projection (see applyProcessManagerCommandsAndEvents). Then, pending commands and events are plucked off of that Projection and applied to the appropriate Aggregates or Projections in other streams.

data ProcessManagerCommand event command Source #

This is a command along with the UUID of the target Aggregate, and well as the Aggregate instance. Note that this uses an existential type to hide the state type parameter on the Aggregate.


(Show command, Show event) => Show (ProcessManagerCommand event command) Source # 


showsPrec :: Int -> ProcessManagerCommand event command -> ShowS #

show :: ProcessManagerCommand event command -> String #

showList :: [ProcessManagerCommand event command] -> ShowS #

applyProcessManagerCommandsAndEvents :: Monad m => ProcessManager state event command -> EventStoreWriter m event -> VersionedEventStoreReader m event -> state -> m () Source #

Plucks the pending commands and events off of the process manager's state and applies them to the appropriate locations in the event store.