eventful-dynamodb-0.2.0: Library for eventful DynamoDB event stores

Safe HaskellNone




dynamoDBEventStoreReader :: DynamoDBEventStoreConfig serialized -> VersionedEventStoreReader AWS serialized Source #

An EventStoreReader that uses AWS DynamoDB as the storage backend. Use a DynamoDBEventStoreConfig to configure this event store.

initializeDynamoDBEventStore :: MonadAWS m => DynamoDBEventStoreConfig serialized -> ProvisionedThroughput -> m () Source #

Helpful function to create the events table. If a table already exists with the same name, then this function just uses that one. Note, there are no magic migrations going on here, trust this function at your own risk.

deleteDynamoDBEventStoreTable :: MonadAWS m => DynamoDBEventStoreConfig serialized -> m () Source #

Convenience function to drop the event store table. Mainly used for testing this library.

runAWSIO :: AWS a -> IO a Source #

Convenience function if you don't really care about your amazonka settings.