Changelog for extra-0.5.1

Changelog for Extra 0.5.1 Use uncons from GHC 7.9 and above 0.5 Use the sortOn from GHC 7.9 and above Remove getProcessorCount Remove getDirectoryContentsRecursive in favour of listFilesRecursive Change the signature for newTempFile/newTempDir Add a once function 0.4 Remove all but the extractors on triples Remove groupSortOn Remove dropAround 0.3.2 Remove use of ===, allows older QuickCheck versions 0.3.1 Fix a bug in breakEnd/spanEnd 0.3 Rename showTime to showDuration Add stringException Eliminate rep/reps, use replace instead Switch distinct for allSame/anySame Optimise the numeric conversions Rename chop to repeatedly Add whenM/unlessM Redo the Tuple module, additions and deletions Add newTempFile, newTempDir Add createDirectoryPrivate Rename strip* to trim* Generalise showException 0.2 Redo the cons/uncons functions Add withTempDir Rename withTemporaryFile to withTempFile Change trim to strip (follow text naming convention) Ensure operators get exported 0.1 Initial version, still unstable