filters-basic- Allows to change the structure of the function output.
Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2020-2023
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



A module allows to change the structure of the function output for the functions of elements from RealFrac class. At the moment only the equal intervals are supported. Has basic functions for the filters. Is taken from the uniqueness-periods-vector-filters package that is intended to be rewritten. These functions are basic for it and for its successor, phonetic-languages-filters-array package.


One interval used

intervalNRealFrac :: (RealFrac b, Integral c) => b -> b -> c -> b -> c Source #

Given the minimum and maximum elements, a quantity of equal intervals, and an element in between the first two arguments (or equal to one of them), finds out the index of the interval, to which the element belongs (starting from 1). The minimum element belongs to the interval with the index 1.

zero2One :: Integral a => a -> a Source #

unsafeTransfer1I5 :: RealFrac b => b -> b -> b -> b -> b -> b Source #

Moves (if needed) the given value so that its result divides the new [min..max] interval in the same proportion as the starting one. Is intended to be used for the arguments satisfying some additional constraints, but they are not checked (hence, its name prefix "unsafe"). For example, the second argument must be greater than the first one, the fourth -- than the third one, and the fifth must be located in between the first two. Then the result is also located in between the third and fourth arguments similarly.

transfer1IEq3 :: RealFrac b => b -> b -> b -> b Source #

A variant of the unsafeTransfer1I5 where the lengths of the both intervals (the old and the new ones) are equal.