Changelog for fixed-vector-

Changes in * GHC 7.10 support Changes in * Type level addition for unary numbers added * `concat` function added * More consistent naming for functions for working with `Fun` Changes in * Isomorphism between Peano numbers and Nat added. (GHC >= 7.8) Changes in * Documentation fixes. Changes in * Left scans added. Changes in * `Vec1' type synonym for boxed/unboxed/etc. vectors added. * Vector instance for Data.Typeable.Proxy (GHC >= 7.8) Changes in * GHC 7.8 support Changes in * `distribute', `collect' and their monadic variants added. Changes in * Data instance for all array-based vectors added. * Storable instance added for `Storable.Vec'. * Monoid instances added for all vectors. Changes in * Zero-element vector `Empty' is added. Changes in * `ContVec' now behaves like normal vector. `Arity' type class is reworked. `Id' data type is removed. * Construction of vector reworked. * `reverse', `snoc', `consV', `fold' and `foldMap' are added. * Type changing maps and zips are added. * Vector indexing with type level numbers is added. * Twan van Laarhoven's lens added. (`element' and `elementTy') * Ord instances added to vector data types defined in the library. Changes in * Functor and Applicative instances are added to Id. Changes in * Typeable instance for S and Z added. Changes in * 1-tuple `Only' added. * fromList' and fromListM added. * apply functions from Arity type class generalized. Changes in * `cons' function added. * Getter for `Fun' data type added. Changes in * Wrapper for monomorphics vectors is added. * `VecList' is reimplemented as GADT and constructors are exported. * Constructor of `ContVecT' is exported * Empty `ContVecT' is implemented as `empty'. * Typeable, Foldable and Traversable instances are added where appropriate Changes in * Vector type class definition is moved to the D.V.F.Cont module. * Indexing function restored. * `unfoldr' added. Changes in * Continuation-based vector added. * Right fold added. * tailWith, convertContinuation, and ! from Data.Vector.Fixed removed. * Vector instance for tuples added. Changes in 0.1.2 * imap, imapM, ifoldl, ifoldM, zipWithM, izipWithM functions are added. * VectorN type class added. Changes in 0.1.1 * foldM and tailWith added. Type synonyms for numbers up to 6 are added. Fun is reexported from Data.Vector.Fixed.