flac-0.2.0: Complete high-level binding to libFLAC
Copyright© 2016–present Mark Karpov
LicenseBSD 3 clause
MaintainerMark Karpov <markkarpov92@gmail.com>
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This module exports the CueSheetData and CueTrack data types, which are rarely needed, and thus should not “contaminate” the Codec.Audio.Metadata module with potentially conflicting names.



data CueSheetData Source #

CUE sheet as stored in FLAC metadata. This differs from traditional CUE sheets stored in “.cue” files (see https://hackage.haskell.org/package/cue-sheet to work with those).




  • cueCatalog :: !ByteString

    Media catalog number, in ASCII printable characters 0x20-0x7e. In general, the media catalog number may be 0 to 128 bytes long; any unused characters will be right-padded with NUL characters. For CD-DA, this is a thirteen digit number.

  • cueLeadIn :: !Word64

    The number of lead-in samples. This field has meaning only for CD-DA CUE sheets; for other uses it should be 0. For CD-DA, the lead-in is the TRACK 00 area where the table of contents is stored; more precisely, it is the number of samples from the first sample of the media to the first sample of the first index point of the first track. According to the Red Book, the lead-in must be silence and CD grabbing software does not usually store it; additionally, the lead-in must be at least two seconds but may be longer. For these reasons the lead-in length is stored here so that the absolute position of the first track can be computed. Note that the lead-in stored here is the number of samples up to the first index point of the first track, not necessarily to INDEX 01 of the first track; even the first track may have INDEX 00 data.

  • cueIsCd :: !Bool

    True if CUE sheet corresponds to a Compact Disc, else False.

  • cueTracks :: ![CueTrack]

    Collection of actual tracks in the CUE sheet, see CueTrack.

  • cueLeadOutTrack :: !CueTrack

    The obligatory lead-out track, will be written with the index 170.

data CueTrack Source #

Single track in a CUE sheet.




  • cueTrackOffset :: !Word64

    Track offset in samples, relative to the beginning of the FLAC audio stream. It is the offset to the first index point of the track. (Note how this differs from CD-DA, where the track's offset in the TOC is that of the track's INDEX 01 even if there is an INDEX 00.) For CD-DA, the offset must be evenly divisible by 588 samples (588 samples = 44100 samples/sec * 1/75th of a sec).

  • cueTrackIsrc :: !ByteString

    Track ISRC, empty if not present. This is a 12-digit alphanumeric code, the cue-sheet package has corresponding type with smart constructor and validation, but for now we don't want to depend on that package.

  • cueTrackAudio :: !Bool

    True for audio tracks, False for non-audio tracks.

  • cueTrackPreEmphasis :: !Bool

    False for no pre-emphasis, True for pre-emphasis.

  • cueTrackPregapIndex :: !(Maybe Word64)

    INDEX 00 (pregap) offset, see cueTrackIndices for more info about indices.

  • cueTrackIndices :: !(NonEmpty Word64)

    Track's index points. Offset in samples, relative to the track offset, of the index point. For CD-DA, the offset must be evenly divisible by 588 samples (588 samples = 44100 samples/sec * 1/75th of a sec). Note that the offset is from the beginning of the track, not the beginning of the audio data.