flickr-0.3.3: Haskell binding to the Flickr API

MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered


Description API, setting/getting photo geo location.



getLocation :: PhotoID -> FM GeoLocationSource

Get the geo data (latitude and longitude and the accuracy level) for a photo.

removeLocation :: PhotoID -> FM ()Source

Removes the geo data associated with a photo.

setLocation :: PhotoID -> GeoLocation -> FM ()Source

Sets the geo data (latitude and longitude and, optionally, the accuracy level) for a photo. Before users may assign location data to a photo they must define who, by default, may view that information. Users can edit this preference at If a user has not set this preference, the API method will return an error.

batchCorrectLocation :: GeoLocation -> Either PlaceID WhereOnEarthID -> FM ()Source

Correct the places hierarchy for all the photos for a user at a given latitude, longitude and accuracy.

Batch corrections are processed in a delayed queue so it may take a few minutes before the changes are reflected in a user's photos.

correctLocation :: PhotoID -> Either PlaceID WhereOnEarthID -> FM ()Source

update/correct the location of attached to a photo.

photosForLocation :: GeoLocation -> [PhotoInfo] -> FM (PhotoContext, [Photo])Source

Return a list of photos for a user at a specific latitude, longitude and accuracy

setContext :: PhotoID -> ContextID -> FM ()Source

Indicate the state of a photo's geotagginess beyond latitude and longitude. Photos passed to this method must already be geotagged (using the setLocation method).

getPerms :: PhotoID -> FM PermissionsSource

Get permissions for who may view geo data for a photo.

setPerms :: PhotoID -> Permissions -> FM ()Source

Set the permission for who may view the geo data associated with a photo.