foldl-incremental- incremental folds

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This module provides incremental statistics folds based upon the foldl library

To avoid clashes, Control.Foldl should be qualified.

>>> import Control.Foldl.Incremental
>>> import qualified Control.Foldl as L

The folds represent incremental statistics such as `moving averages`.

Statistics are based on exponential-weighting schemes which enable statistics to be calculated in a streaming one-pass manner. The stream of moving averages with a rate of 0.9 is:

>>> L.scan (incMa 0.9) [1..10]

or if you just want the moving average at the end.

>>> L.fold (incMa 0.9) [1..10]



data Increment Source

An Increment is the incremental state within an exponential moving average fold.




_adder :: !Double
_counter :: !Double
_rate :: !Double


incrementalize :: (a -> Double) -> Double -> Fold a Double Source

Incrementalize takes a function and turns it into a Fold where the step incremental is an Increment with a step function iso to a step in an exponential moving average calculation.

>>> incrementalize id

is a moving average of a foldable

>>> incrementalize (*2)

is a moving average of the square of a foldable

This lets you build an exponential standard deviation computation (using Foldl) as

>>> std r = (\s ss -> sqrt (ss - s**2)) <$> incrementalize id r <*> incrementalize (*2) r

An exponential moving average approach (where average id abstracted to function) represents an efficient single-pass computation that attempts to keep track of a running average of some Foldable.

The rate is the parameter regulating the discount of current state and the introduction of the current value.

>>> incrementalize id 1

tracks the sum/average of an entire Foldable.

>>> incrementalize id 0

produces the latest value (ie current state is discounted to zero)

A exponential moving average with a duration of 10 (the average lag of the values effecting the calculation) is

>>> incrementalize id (1/10)

common incremental folds

incMa :: Double -> Fold Double Double Source

moving average fold

incAbs :: Double -> Fold Double Double Source

moving absolute average

incSq :: Double -> Fold Double Double Source

moving average square

incStd :: Double -> Fold Double Double Source

moving standard deviation