fpco-api- Simple interface to the FP Complete IDE API.

Safe HaskellNone




themeToString :: Theme -> String Source

Convert a theme to a string.

themeName :: Theme -> String Source

Get a human-readable name for a theme.

themeDescription :: Theme -> String Source

Get a human-readable description of a string.

enumerateThemes :: [Theme] Source

Similar to [minBound..maxBound], with our own custom ordering.

defaultTheme :: Theme Source

The default theme to use when there is no existing theme.

defaultFontSize :: Int Source

The default font size to use.

defaultLicense :: IdeLicense Source

Default license to use upon initialization.

invalidSettingsError :: Text Source

Error that can be returned by some commands, which indicates that the command requires that the settings file be valid.

serverSessionNotReadyError :: Text Source

Error that can be returned by GetProjectMessages, which indicates that the backend server hasn't started yet. In order to cause the server to run, some normal command needs to be executed (not a project messages poll, though).

projectSettingsPath :: Text Source

The filepath used for the settings file.

validGitBranch :: String -> Bool Source

Determine whether a git branch name is valid.

TODO: This could be better. See, e.g. the regexes here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/12093994/1164871

describeAction :: Action -> Text Source

Give a human readable description for actions that could be used in a sentence.

canDo :: IdeLicense -> Action -> Bool Source

Can the given role do the given action?

licenseName :: IdeLicense -> Text Source

Get the name of the license, for use in code IDs and such.