Changelog for friday-

-*-change-log-*- v0.2.4.0 TDB v0.2.3.1 December 2016 * Merge fix for storable instance v0.2.3.0 December 2016 * Add Contour Tracing (Vision.Image.Contour) * Add pointer to friday-juicypixels * First release by TomMD - Raphael is MIA but it remains his package. v0.2.2.0 June 2015 * New 'computeP' function to compute an image in parallel. v0.2.1.2 May 2015 * Add test modules under `other-modules`. v0.2.1.1 April 2015 * Removes an orphan dependency to bytetring. * Fixes some warning when compiled with GHC 7.10. v0.2.1.0 March 2015 * Grey to HSV conversion. v0.2.0.2 February 2015 * Minor documentation improvements. v0.2.0.1 January 2015 * Setup.hs script. v0.2 January 2015 BREAKING CHANGES: * Origin is on the upper left corner of the image (was bottom left). * New simplified filters interface. The old interface is still used internally to create filters and is available in Vision.Image.Filter.Internal. * DevIL bindings (Vision.Image.Storage) are now in a separate package (friday-devil) and with an improved interface. * Benchmarks are now in a separate package (friday-bench). * Examples are now in a separate package (friday-examples). * Pixel instance is no more required for MaskedImage and Image instances. * SCW thresholding. * New types aliases for filters. * New (!) and (!?) operators for image and histogram indexing. * Classes and image types are in two different files (Vision.Image.Class and Vision.Image.Type). * NFData instance for Manifest images. v0.1 August 2014 * Initial release