funcons-tools- A modular interpreter for executing funcons

funcons-tools- A modular interpreter for executing funcons

The PLanCompS project has developed a component-based approach to formal semantics. The semantics of a language is defined by translating its constructs to combinations of `fundamental constructs' called funcons.

Read more about the project here: Read more about funcons and their specification in CBS here: JLAMP2016.

This package provides a collection of highly reusable funcons in Funcons.Core, an interpreter for these funcons and means for defining new funcons.

The executable provided by this package is an interpreter for running terms constructed from the collection of funcons provided by Funcons.Core. How this executable is used is explained in Funcons.Tools.

Additional funcons can be defined with the helper functions provided by Funcons.EDSL. The module Funcons.Tools provides functions for creating executables by extending the main interpreter with additional funcons.

Please contact any of the maintainers when unexpected behaviour is encountered or exports appear to be missing.