geojson-1.3.3: A thin GeoJSON Layer above the aeson library

Copyright(C) 2014-2018 HS-GeoJSON Project
LicenseBSD-style (see the file
MaintainerAndrew Newman
Safe HaskellNone




Basic types for GeoJSON representations.


Coordinate types

type GeoPositionWithoutCRS = [Double] Source #

(GeoPositionWithoutCRS is a catch all for indeterminate CRSs and for expression of positions before a CRS has been determined

CRS Reference types

type Name = Text Source #

type Code = Int Source #

type Href = Text Source #

Feature Types

type BoundingBoxWithoutCRS = [Double] Source #

See Section 4 Bounding Boxes of the GeoJSON spec, The length of the list/array must be 2*n where n is the dimensionality of the position type for the CRS with min values first followed by the max values, wich both the min/max sets following the same axis order as the CRS, e.g for WGS84: minLongitude, minLatitude, maxLongitude, maxLatitude The spec mentions that it can be part of a geometry object too but doesnt give an example, This implementation will ignore bboxes on Geometry objects, they can be added if required.