Changelog for ghc-mod-3.0.1

2013-09-16 v3.0.1 * Exporting more low level APIs. * Adding "-ibuild/autogen" * Adding "-optP". (Macros from a Cabal file and "dist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h") 2013-09-06 v3.0.0 * Supporting the sandbox of cabal 1.18. * Obsoleting the support for cabal-dev. 2013-09-04 v2.1.2 * Supporting multiple target files. (@nh2) 2013-09-03 v2.1.1 * A bug fix for library dependency. 2013-09-03 v2.1.0 * Exporting Language.Haskell.GhcMod.Internal. (@alanz) * Supporting GHC 7.7. (@co-dan) 2013-05-30 v2.0.3 * Using finalizePackageDescription to enable "if else" in a cabal file. 2013-05-21 v2.0.2 * Document fixes. 2013-05-21 v2.0.1 * Document fixes. 2013-05-21 v2.0.0 * ghc-mod also provides a library (Language.Haskell.GhcMod) 2013-05-13 v1.12.5 * A bug fix for the case where a cabal file is broken. 2013-04-02 v1.12.4 * C-M-d on Emacs now can browse functions and types. * Checking "QuasiQuotes" as well as "TemplateHaskell". (@eagletmt) * "ghc-mod info" can display info of non-exported functions. (@mvoidex) 2013-03-16 v1.12.3 * "ghc-mod info" and "ghc-mod type" also check Template Haskell. (@eagletmt) 2013-03-13 v1.12.2 * New logic to set "-fno-code" using "depanal" * Cleaning up the code relating to Doc/SDoc 2013-03-07 v1.12.1 * Fixing a bug to find a sandbox. 2013-03-05 v1.12.0 * "ghc-mod debug" to see which cabal file and sand box are used * Fast "ghc-mod check" if Template Haskell is not used * "ghc-mod brwose -d" displays more information (@eagletmt) 2013-03-01 v1.11.5 * New option "-d" for "ghc-mod browse" to show symbols with type info (@moidex) 2013-02-15 v1.11.4 * Adding Hspec test suite * Better way to show Extension (@eagletmt) * Removing the library itself from Cabal dependencies 2012-12-11 v1.11.3 * Display a filname instead of "Dummy" if an error occur 2012-10-30 v1.11.2 * Extract dependencies from a Cabal file if exists and specify them to "ghc-mod check" (@khibino) 2012-10-19 v1.11.1 * Supporting GHC 7.6.x (@cartazio, @dysinger, @ihameed)