Changelog for ghc-mod-

2016-01-19 v5.5.0.0 * Fix #660, cabal-helper errors when no global GHC is installed (Stack) * Fix #665, Reinstate internally managed CWD (no more `ghc-mod root` requirement for frontends) * Merge #707, Support for spaces in file names when using legacy-interactive * Merge #694, #706, #703, Rewrite command line parser using optparse-applicative. Thanks @lierdakil! * Merge #693, Fix slowdown and bugs caused by excessive use of `map-file` * Fix #678, "No instance nor default method for class operation put" * Fix #683, #684, a variety of caching related issues * Fix #666, The issue of the beast >:3 * Merge #649, elisp: Add ghc-report-errors to inhibit *GHC Error* logging * Fix #621, Preserve Cabal flag selection across automatic reconfiguration 2015-09-16 v5.4.0.0 * Add support for the Stack build tool * Fix #554, `module not interpreted` errors when using the `type` command * Merge #484, support for file redirection * Add support for file redirection to Emacs frontend so all commands should work even with unsaved files now! * Support inserting holes in type signatures * Merge #543, Fix URL anchors being dropped in OS X * Fix GHC session always being dropped in interactive mode (caused super slowness) * Expose all internal modules because API will get a major redesign soon anyways * ghc-mod(i) executable must now be run in project directory for commands other than `root` * Add --line-prefix option for multiplexing stdout/err onto one stream 2015-08-14 v5.3.0.0 * Re-license majority of code under the AGPL-3 * Add support for GHC 7.10 and Cabal 1.22 * Remove `cabalDependPackages', `cabalAllTargets' * Merge #434, Fix finding sandbox config file and directory. * Merge #431, Re-add output line separator global option for expand command. * Merge #470, Support for overriding the package-db stack * Merge #486, Fix ineffective cache invalidation for `find` 2014-12-31 v5.2.1.2 * Merge #377, Fix `browse` erroneously thinking haskell2010 identifiers are operators * Fix incompatibility with monad-control >= 1.0.0 * Fix temporary directories not being removed properly * Merge #405, #408, a race condition in the Emacs frontend * Merge #403, Support unicode quotes in module regexp 2014-11-03 v5.2.1.1 * Fix `findCabalFiles` thinking `$HOME/.cabal` is a cabal file. * Support `where` clauses, `let` bindings and `case` expressions in case splitting, #400 2014-11-02 v5.2.1.0 * Fix `newTempDir` on Windows * GhcModT's liftIO instance now converts GhcMOdError exceptions into monadic failures 2014-10-30 v5.2.0.0 * Return type of `loadSymbolDb` is now in GhcModT * Function `dumpSymbol` now takes the path of the target directory * Fix #387, Pattern match failure in GhcPkg * Fix #386, `ghc-mod version` should not check `cabal configure` * Fix #391, Error on command `-g` when used before command despite --help output saying this is valid * Fix formatting of `ghc-version` constant in the elisp code. in version the string was "v5.1.1.0" instead of "". 2014-10-04 v5.1.1.0 * Handle various consistency related issues: #222, #224, #326, #332 * Add `isOutdated` to Language.Haskell.GhcMod 2014-09-17 v5.1.0.2 * Fix building with haskell-src-exts < 1.16.0 2014-09-16 v5.1.0.1 * Fix building with haskell-src-exts-1.16.0 * Loosen monad-journal dependency 2014-09-12 v5.1.0.0 * GhcModError is now a recursive data type (`GMECabalConfigure`'s type changed) * GhcModT's MonadIO instance now converts IOError's to failures in the ErrorT part of GhcModT on `liftIO`. * Make `loadSymbolDb` polimorphic in the return types's monad. * Add `hoistGhcModT` to Language.Haskell.GhcMod.Internal * Fix `check` command for modules using `-XPatternSynonyms` * Merge #364, Support cabal configuration flags 2014-08-29 v5.0.1.2 * Merge #345, Try fixing duplicate errors * Merge #344, elisp: Use advice to check syntax on save-buffer * Merge #341, support `browse -d` in ghc-modi * Merge #352, elisp: Fix C-u accidentally getting turned into a prefix command 2014-08-24 v5.0.1.1 * Fix CaseSplitting faliure when using "fancy types" (see #336) * Print error information in "spec" test suite when using `extract` 2014-08-20 v5.0.1 * Fix missing file in "Data-Files" 2014-08-20 v5.0.0 * ghc-mod consumes much less memory than ghc-mod-4.1. * @serras brought the results of Google Summer code including case splitting and better type hole * @DanielG provided the new monad based API 2014-05-16 v4.1.6 * Reverting "Trying to fix rare hang on Nix". 2014-05-16 v4.1.5 * Fixing the build on GHC 7.8.3. 2014-05-16 v4.1.4 * Trying to fix rare hang on Nix. 2014-05-16 v4.1.3 * Making -g-fxxx work. 2014-05-16 v4.1.2 * Setting Opt_WarnTypedHoles correctly. 2014-05-16 v4.1.1 * Making Emacs front-end more stable. 2014-04-30 v4.1.0 * ghc-modi now provides "type", "info", and "boot". * ghc-mod now provides "find". * Packages, which are specified in a cabal file but not installed, are filtered out. (@DanielG) * ghc-mod/ghc-modi treats "-l" properly. * ghc-mod obsoletes "-p". Use "ghc-mod browse package:module". * M-x ghc-debug has been implemented. * "type" and "info" can work even if files contain type errors. * "boot" as a new API. 2014-04-07 v4.0.2 * The ghc-display-error option (@notogawa) * Fixing a file bug for Windows (@Kiripon) * The -b option for ghc-modi (@yuga) 2014-04-03 v4.0.1 * Displaying a qualified name for one if two unqualified names are conflict. 2014-04-01 v4.0.0 * Implementing interactive "ghc-modi" command. "check", "find", and "lint" are available. * Introducing a concept of project root directory. Thanks to this, sandbox without cabal can be used. "ghd-mod debug" displays the project root. * Syntax error highlighting (C-xC-s) gets much faster thanks to ghc-modi. "flymake" was thrown away and syntax error highlighting is implemented from a scratch. * Resolving the "import hell". You dont' have to type "import Foo" anymore. Use M-t or C-cC-m. * Inserting "module Foo" (M-t) can insert all paths relative to the project root. * M-C-d displays a html document even if it is in its sandbox. * M-s now merges the same module lines in addition to sorting. * A bug fix for hlint support. (@eagletmt) 2014-03-15 v3.1.7 * Defining ghc-debug for Elisp debugging. * Catching up the latest hlint which does not provide --quite. 2014-02-07 v3.1.6 * Testing with multi GHC versions. (@eagletmt) * Checking package ID. (@naota) * Supporting GHC 7.8.1 RC1. (@bartavelle) 2014-01-14 v3.1.5 * Catching up to GHC 7.7. (@scottgw) * Testing with multi GHC versions. (@eagletmt) * Workaround for the coming new Haskell Platform. * Supporting flymake of the coming Emacs 24.4. 2013-11-20 v3.1.4 * GHCi loading as fallback for browse. (@khorser) * Supporting GHC 7.7. (@schell) * Introducing the "-p" and "-q" option for browse. (@mvoidex) 2013-10-07 v3.1.3 * Fixing tests. (@eagletmt) 2013-09-21 v3.1.2 * Supporting sandbox for "list" and "browse". (@eagletmt) 2013-09-21 v3.1.1 * Making Cradle strict. 2013-09-21 v3.1.0 * API breaks backward compatibility. * Supporting sandbox sharing. 2013-09-16 v3.0.2 * Fixing a bug of "dist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h". 2013-09-16 v3.0.1 * Exporting more low level APIs. * Adding "-ibuild/autogen" * Adding "-optP". (Macros from a Cabal file and "dist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h") 2013-09-06 v3.0.0 * Supporting the sandbox of cabal 1.18. * Obsoleting the support for cabal-dev. 2013-09-04 v2.1.2 * Supporting multiple target files. (@nh2) 2013-09-03 v2.1.1 * A bug fix for library dependency. 2013-09-03 v2.1.0 * Exporting Language.Haskell.GhcMod.Internal. (@alanz) * Supporting GHC 7.7. (@co-dan) 2013-05-30 v2.0.3 * Using finalizePackageDescription to enable "if else" in a cabal file. 2013-05-21 v2.0.2 * Document fixes. 2013-05-21 v2.0.1 * Document fixes. 2013-05-21 v2.0.0 * ghc-mod also provides a library (Language.Haskell.GhcMod) 2013-05-13 v1.12.5 * A bug fix for the case where a cabal file is broken. 2013-04-02 v1.12.4 * C-M-d on Emacs now can browse functions and types. * Checking "QuasiQuotes" as well as "TemplateHaskell". (@eagletmt) * "ghc-mod info" can display info of non-exported functions. (@mvoidex) 2013-03-16 v1.12.3 * "ghc-mod info" and "ghc-mod type" also check Template Haskell. (@eagletmt) 2013-03-13 v1.12.2 * New logic to set "-fno-code" using "depanal" * Cleaning up the code relating to Doc/SDoc 2013-03-07 v1.12.1 * Fixing a bug to find a sandbox. 2013-03-05 v1.12.0 * "ghc-mod debug" to see which cabal file and sand box are used * Fast "ghc-mod check" if Template Haskell is not used * "ghc-mod brwose -d" displays more information (@eagletmt) 2013-03-01 v1.11.5 * New option "-d" for "ghc-mod browse" to show symbols with type info (@moidex) 2013-02-15 v1.11.4 * Adding Hspec test suite * Better way to show Extension (@eagletmt) * Removing the library itself from Cabal dependencies 2012-12-11 v1.11.3 * Display a filname instead of "Dummy" if an error occur 2012-10-30 v1.11.2 * Extract dependencies from a Cabal file if exists and specify them to "ghc-mod check" (@khibino) 2012-10-19 v1.11.1 * Supporting GHC 7.6.x (@cartazio, @dysinger, @ihameed)