ghc-mod- Happy Haskell Programming

Safe HaskellNone



data GhcModError Source



Unknown error

GMEString String

Some Error with a message. These are produced mostly by fail calls on GhcModT.

GMECabalConfigure GhcModError

Configuring a cabal project failed.

GMEStackConfigure GhcModError

Configuring a stack project failed.

GMEStackBootstrap GhcModError

Bootstrapping stack environment failed (process exited with failure)

GMECabalCompAssignment [(Either FilePath ModuleName, Set ChComponentName)]

Could not find a consistent component assignment for modules

GMEProcess String String [String] (Either Int GhcModError)

Launching an operating system process failed. Fields in order: function, command, arguments, (stdout, stderr, exitcode)


No cabal file found.

GMETooManyCabalFiles [FilePath]

Too many cabal files found.

liftMaybe :: MonadError e m => e -> m (Maybe a) -> m a Source

overrideError :: MonadError e m => e -> m a -> m a Source

modifyError :: MonadError e m => (e -> e) -> m a -> m a Source

modifyError' :: MonadError e m => m a -> (e -> e) -> m a infixr 0 Source

tryFix :: MonadError e m => m a -> (e -> m ()) -> m a Source

data GHandler m a Source


forall e . Exception e => GHandler (e -> m a) 

gcatches :: (MonadIO m, ExceptionMonad m) => m a -> [GHandler m a] -> m a Source