ghc-simple-0.2: Simplified interface to the GHC API.

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Config, input and output types for the simplified GHC API.


GHC pipeline configuration

class Intermediate a where Source

An intermediate source language, usable as the the input for a Compile compilation function.

data CompConfig Source

GHC pipeline configuration, parameterized over the intermediate code produced by the pipeline.

defaultConfig :: CompConfig Source

Default configuration.

cfgGhcFlags :: CompConfig -> [String] Source

GHC command line dynamic flags to control the Haskell to STG compilation pipeline. For instance, passing ["-O2", "-DHELLO"] here is equivalent to passing -O2 -DHELLO to the ghc binary.

Note that flags set here are overridden by any changes to DynFlags performed by cfgUpdateDynFlags, and that '--make' mode is always in effect.

Default: []

cfgUseTargetsFromFlags :: CompConfig -> Bool Source

If file or module names are found among the cfgGhcFlags, should they be used as targets, in addition to any targets given by other arguments to withStg et al?

Default: True

cfgUpdateDynFlags :: CompConfig -> DynFlags -> DynFlags Source

Modify the dynamic flags governing the compilation process. Changes made here take precedence over any flags passed through cfgGhcFlags.

Default: id

cfgGhcLibDir :: CompConfig -> Maybe FilePath Source

Path to GHC's library directory. If Nothing, the library directory of the system's default GHC compiler will be used.

Default: Nothing

cfgUseGhcErrorLogger :: CompConfig -> Bool Source

Use GHC's standard logger to log errors and warnings to the command line? Errors and warnings are always collected and returned, regardless of the value of this setting.

Output other than errors and warnings (dumps, etc.) are logged using the standard logger by default. For finer control over logging behavior, you should override log_action in cfgUpdateDynFlags.

Default: False

cfgCustomPrimIface :: CompConfig -> Maybe (PrimOp -> PrimOpInfo, PrimOp -> Arity -> StrictSig) Source

Use a custom interface for GHC.Prim. This is useful if you want to, for instance, compile to a 32 bit target architecture on a 64 bit host.

For more information, see Language.Haskell.GHC.Simple.PrimIface.

Default: Nothing

cfgStopPhases :: CompConfig -> [Phase] Source

Stop compilation when any of these this phases are reached, without performing it. If you are doing custom code generation and don't want GHC to generate any code - for instance when writing a cross compiler - you will probably want to set this to ncgPhases.

Default: []

cfgCacheDirectory :: CompConfig -> Maybe FilePath Source

Cache directory for compiled code. If Nothing, the current directory is used.

Default: Nothing

cfgCacheFileExt :: CompConfig -> String Source

File extension of cache files.

Default: cache

Convenience functions for common settings combinations

ncgPhases :: [Phase] Source

Phases in which the native code generator is invoked. You want to stop at these phases when writing a cross compiler.

disableCodeGen :: CompConfig -> CompConfig Source

Disable any native code generation and linking.

Compilation results and errors

data ModMetadata Source

Metadata for a module under compilation.




mmSummary :: ModSummary

ModSummary for the module, as given by GHC.

mmName :: String

String representation of the module's name, not qualified with a package key. ModuleName representation can be obtained from the module's stgModSummary.

mmPackageKey :: String

String representation of the module's package key. PackageKey representation can be obtained from the module's stgModSummary.

mmIsTarget :: Bool

Is this module a compilation target (as opposed to a dependency of one)?

mmSourceIsHsBoot :: Bool

Was the module compiler from a hs-boot file?

mmSourceFile :: Maybe FilePath

The Haskell source the module was compiled from, if any.

mmInterfaceFile :: FilePath

Interface file corresponding to this module.

mmCached :: Bool

Was this module loaded from cache, as opposed to recompiled from scratch?

data CompiledModule a Source

Compiler output and metadata for a given module.




modCompiledModule :: a

Module data generated by compilation; usually bindings of some kind.

modMetaData :: ModMetadata

Metadata for the compiled module.

data CompResult a Source

Result of a compilation.




compResult :: a

Result of the compilation.

compWarnings :: [Warning]

Warnings that occurred during compilation.

compDynFlags :: DynFlags

Initial DynFlags used by this compilation, collected from Config data.



compErrors :: [Error]

Errors that occurred during compilation.

compWarnings :: [Warning]

Warnings that occurred during compilation.

data Error Source

A GHC error message.




errorSpan :: SrcSpan

Where did the error occur?

errorMessage :: String

Description of the error.

errorExtraInfo :: String

More verbose description of the error.

data Warning Source

A GHC warning.




warnSpan :: SrcSpan

Where did the warning occur?

warnMessage :: String

What was the warning about?

compSuccess :: CompResult a -> Bool Source

Does the given CompResult represent a successful compilation?