gi-gobject- GObject bindings

CopyrightWill Thompson, Iñaki García Etxebarria and Jonas Platte
MaintainerIñaki García Etxebarria (
Safe HaskellNone




A structure containing a weak reference to a #GObject. It can either be empty (i.e. point to %NULL), or point to an object for as long as at least one "strong" reference to that object exists. Before the object's GWeakRef associated with becomes empty (i.e. points to %NULL).

Like GWeakRef can be statically allocated, stack- or heap-allocated, or embedded in larger structures.

Unlike g_object_weak_ref() and g_object_add_weak_pointer(), this weak reference is thread-safe: converting a weak pointer to a reference is atomic with respect to invalidation of weak pointers to destroyed objects.

If the object's #GObjectClass.dispose method results in additional references to the object being held, any #GWeakRefs taken before it was disposed will continue to point to %NULL. If #GWeakRefs are taken after the object is disposed and re-referenced, they will continue to point to it until its refcount goes back to zero, at which point they too will be invalidated.


Exported types

newtype WeakRef Source


WeakRef (ForeignPtr WeakRef) 


WrappedPtr WeakRef 
((~) * info (ResolveWeakRefMethod t WeakRef), MethodInfo * info WeakRef p) => IsLabelProxy t (WeakRef -> p) 
type AttributeList WeakRef