gi-gtk-hs- A wrapper for gi-gtk, adding a few more idiomatic API parts on top

Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellNone



Common types and classes for the ModelView modules.



newtype TypedTreeModel row Source #


TypedTreeModel (ManagedPtr (TypedTreeModel row)) 

unsafeTreeModelToGeneric :: TreeModel -> model row Source #

newtype TypedTreeModelSort row Source #


TypedTreeModelSort (ManagedPtr (TypedTreeModelSort row)) 


IsTypedTreeModel TypedTreeModelSort Source # 


dummy :: TypedTreeModelSort a -> a

GObject (TypedTreeModelSort row) Source # 


gobjectType :: TypedTreeModelSort row -> IO GType

IsTreeModel (TypedTreeModelSort row) Source # 
IsTreeSortable (TypedTreeModelSort row) Source # 
IsTreeModelSort (TypedTreeModelSort row) Source # 

treePathNewFromIndices' :: MonadIO m => [Int32] -> m TreePath Source #

TreePath is a list of indices to specify a subtree or node in a TreeModel. The node that correspond to a given TreePath might change if nodes are removed or added and a TreePath may refer to a different or even non-existent node after a modification of the model. In contrast, a TreeIter is a more compact representation of a TreePath which becomes invalid after each modification of the underlying model. An intelligent index that is adjusted with each update of the model to point to the same node (whenever possible) is TreeRowReference.

treePathGetIndices' :: MonadIO m => TreePath -> m [Int32] Source #

withTreePath :: MonadIO m => [Int32] -> (TreePath -> m a) -> m a Source #

stringToTreePath :: Text -> [Int32] Source #

Convert a comma or colon separated string into a TreePath. Any non-digit characters are assumed to separate indices, thus, the function always is always successful.

treeSelectionGetSelectedRows' :: (MonadIO m, IsTreeSelection sel) => sel -> m [TreePath] Source #

data ColumnAccess row where Source #

Accessing a row for a specific value. Used for ColumnMap.


CAInvalid :: ColumnAccess row 
CAInt :: (row -> Int32) -> ColumnAccess row 
CABool :: (row -> Bool) -> ColumnAccess row 
CAString :: (row -> Text) -> ColumnAccess row 
CAPixbuf :: (row -> Pixbuf) -> ColumnAccess row 

data ColumnId row ty Source #

The type of a tree column.


ColumnId (GValue -> IO ty) ((row -> ty) -> ColumnAccess row) Int32 

equalManagedPtr :: ManagedPtrNewtype a => a -> a -> Bool Source #