ginger- An implementation of the Jinja2 template language in Haskell

Safe HaskellNone



Execute Ginger templates in an arbitrary monad.

Usage example:

render :: Template -> Text -> Text -> Text
render template -> username imageURL = do
   let contextLookup varName =
           case varName of
               "username" -> toGVal username
               "imageURL" -> toGVal imageURL
               _ -> def -- def for GVal is equivalent to a NULL value
       context = makeContext contextLookup
   in htmlSource $ runGinger context template



runGingerT :: (Monad m, Functor m) => GingerContext m -> Template -> m () Source

Monadically run a Ginger template. The m parameter is the carrier monad.

runGinger :: GingerContext (Writer Html) -> Template -> Html Source

Purely expand a Ginger template. The underlying carrier monad is Writer Html, which is used to collect the output and render it into a Html value.

data GingerContext m Source

Execution context. Determines how to look up variables from the environment, and how to write out template output.

makeContext :: (VarName -> GVal (Run (Writer Html))) -> GingerContext (Writer Html) Source

Create an execution context for runGinger. The argument is a lookup function that maps top-level context keys to ginger values. makeContext is a specialized version of makeContextM, targeting the Writer Html monad (which is what is used for the non-monadic template interpreter runGinger).

The type of the lookup function may look intimidating, but in most cases, marshalling values from Haskell to Ginger is a matter of calling toGVal on them, so the 'GVal (Run (Writer Html))' part can usually be ignored. See the GVal module for details.

makeContextM :: (Monad m, Functor m) => (VarName -> Run m (GVal (Run m))) -> (Html -> m ()) -> GingerContext m Source

Create an execution context for runGingerT. Takes a lookup function, which returns ginger values into the carrier monad based on a lookup key, and a writer function (outputting HTML by whatever means the carrier monad provides, e.g. putStr for IO, or tell for Writers).

type Run m = StateT (RunState m) (ReaderT (GingerContext m) m) Source

Internal type alias for our template-runner monad stack.

liftRun :: Monad m => m a -> Run m a Source

Lift a value from the host monad m into the Run monad.

liftRun2 :: Monad m => (a -> m b) -> a -> Run m b Source

Lift a function from the host monad m into the Run monad.