glue-core-0.4.4: Make better services and clients.

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Module containing retry functionality, allowing the construction of services that attempt multiple times in case of transient failure.



data RetryOptions a Source

Options for determining behaviour of retrying services.

defaultRetryOptions :: RetryOptions a Source

Defaulted options for retrying 3 times with no wait time.

retryingService Source


:: MonadBaseControl IO m 
=> RetryOptions a

Instance of RetryOptions to configure the retry functionality.

-> BasicService m a b

The service to perform retries of.

-> BasicService m a b 

Retries a call to a service multiple times, potentially backing off wait times between subsequent calls.

retryAllowed :: RetryOptions a -> a -> Bool Source

Predicate for determining if we can retry a call, can be used to prevent retries on non-idempotent operations.

retryInitialWaitTimeMs :: RetryOptions a -> Int Source

Amount of time to wait after the first failure.

maximumRetries :: RetryOptions a -> Int Source

The upper bound on how many attempts to make when invoking the service.

retryWaitTimeMultiplier :: RetryOptions a -> Double Source

How much to multiply retryInitialWaitTimeMs by for each number of times the service has retried.