glue-core-0.6.3: Make better services and clients.

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Module supporting failover of a service by transforming the request each time a failure occurs up to a fixed number of attempts.



data FailoverOptions a Source #

Options for determining behaviour of failover services.

defaultFailoverOptions :: FailoverOptions a Source #

Simple defaults that results in retrying 3 times in a dumb way immediately without transforming the request.

failover Source #


:: MonadBaseControl IO m 
=> FailoverOptions a

Instance of FailoverOptions to configure the failover functionality.

-> BasicService m a b

The service to perform failover around.

-> BasicService m a b 

Creates a service that can transform requests with each subsequent failure.

maxFailovers :: FailoverOptions a -> Int Source #

The maximum numer of times the service will failover and make another attempt.

transformFailoverRequest :: FailoverOptions a -> a -> a Source #

Each time the service performs a failover, transform the request with this function.