gnomevfs-0.11.0: Binding to the GNOME Virtual File System library.

Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)







data FileInfo Source

A record type containing information about a file.




fileInfoName :: Maybe String

the name of the file, without the path

fileInfoType :: Maybe FileType

the type of the file; i.e. regular, directory, block-device, etc.

fileInfoPermissions :: Maybe [FilePermissions]

the permissions for the file

fileInfoFlags :: Maybe [FileFlags]

flags providing additional information about the file

fileInfoDevice :: Maybe DeviceID

the device the file resides on

fileInfoInode :: Maybe InodeNumber

the inode number of the file

fileInfoLinkCount :: Maybe Int

the total number of hard links to the file

fileInfoIDs :: Maybe IDs

the user and group IDs owning the file

fileInfoSize :: Maybe FileSize

the size of the file in bytes

fileInfoBlockCount :: Maybe FileSize

the size of the file in filesystem blocks

fileInfoIOBlockSize :: Maybe FileSize

the optimal buffer size for reading from and writing to the file

fileInfoATime :: Maybe EpochTime

the time of last access

fileInfoMTime :: Maybe EpochTime

the time of last modification

fileInfoCTime :: Maybe EpochTime

the time of last attribute modification

fileInfoSymlinkName :: Maybe String

the location this symlink points to, if fileInfoFlags contains FileFlagsSymlink

fileInfoMIMEType :: Maybe MIMEType

the MIME-type of the file

data FileFlags Source

Flags specifying additional information about a file.

type InodeNumber = Word64Source

An integral type wide enough to hold the inode number of a file.

type IDs = (Int, Int)Source

A pair holding the user ID and group ID of a file owner.