gnuplot- 2D and 3D plots using gnuplot

Safe HaskellNone




type T x y z = T (T x y z)Source

Plots can be assembled using mappend or mconcat or several functions from Data.Foldable.

cloud :: (C x, C y, C z, C a) => T x y z a -> [a] -> T x y zSource

mesh :: (C x, C y, C z, C x, C y, C z) => [[(x, y, z)]] -> T x y zSource

surface :: (C x, C y, C z, C x, C y, C z) => [x] -> [y] -> (x -> y -> z) -> T x y zSource

linearScale :: Fractional a => Integer -> (a, a) -> [a]Source

functionToGraph :: [x] -> (x -> y) -> [(x, y)]Source