graph-rewriting-0.7.10: Monadic graph rewriting of hypergraphs with ports and multiedges

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Most of the functions for graph scrutinisation (Read) and modification (Write) are defined monadically. This module defines functions for extracting these monadic values and a few non-monadic graph scrutinisation/modification functions.



nodes :: Graph n -> [n] Source #

edges :: Graph n -> [(Edge, [n])] Source #

Each edge corresponds to the set of nodes it connects

unsafeMapNodes :: (n -> n') -> Graph n -> Graph n' Source #

unsafe, since no checks are performed to ensure that the invariants from GraphRewriting.Graph.Write are preserved

unsafeMapNodesUnique :: (Int -> n -> n') -> Graph n -> Graph n' Source #

map that supplies an additional unique key to the mapping function; unsafe in the same way as unsafeMapNodes

runGraph :: Rewrite n a -> Graph n -> (a, Graph n) Source #

apply a monadic graph modification to a graph

evalGraph :: Rewrite n a -> Graph n -> a Source #

execGraph :: Rewrite n a -> Graph n -> Graph n Source #

data Graph n Source #

Hypergraph that holds nodes of type n. Nodes can be referenced by type Node, edges by type Edge, see GraphRewriting.Graph.Read and GraphRewriting.Graph.Write




MonadReader (Graph n) (Rewrite n) Source # 


ask :: Rewrite n (Graph n) #

local :: (Graph n -> Graph n) -> Rewrite n a -> Rewrite n a #

reader :: (Graph n -> a) -> Rewrite n a #

MonadState (Graph n) (Rewrite n) Source # 


get :: Rewrite n (Graph n) #

put :: Graph n -> Rewrite n () #

state :: (Graph n -> (a, Graph n)) -> Rewrite n a #