graphite- Graphs and networks library

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Erdős–Rényi model

erdosRenyi :: Graph g => Int -> Float -> IO (g Int ()) Source #

Generate a random Erdős–Rényi G(n, p) model graph

erdosRenyiU :: Int -> Float -> IO (UGraph Int ()) Source #

erdosRenyi convinience UGraph generation function

erdosRenyiD :: Int -> Float -> IO (DGraph Int ()) Source #

erdosRenyi convinience DGraph generation function

General Random graphs

rndGraph :: forall g v e. (Graph g, Hashable v, Eq v, Random e) => (e, e) -> Float -> [v] -> IO (g v e) Source #

Generate a random graph for all the vertices of type v in the list, random edge attributes in e within given bounds, and some existing probability for each possible edge as per the Erdős–Rényi model

rndGraph' :: forall g v. (Graph g, Hashable v, Eq v) => Float -> [v] -> IO (g v ()) Source #

Same as rndGraph but uses attributeless edges

Random adjacency matrix

rndAdjacencyMatrix :: Int -> IO [[Int]] Source #

Generate a random adjacency matrix

Useful for use with fromAdjacencyMatrix