grid-7.8.5: Tools for working with regular grids (graphs, lattices).

Copyright(c) Amy de Buitléir 2012-2015
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Ordered maps from tiles on a grid to values. This module is a wrapper around Grid and Map, in order to combine the functionality of grids and maps into a single type.



data LGridMap g v Source

A map from tile positions in a grid to values.


(Grid g, Ord (Index g)) => Functor (LGridMap g) Source 
Foldable (LGridMap g) Source 
Grid g => GridMap (LGridMap g) v Source 
(Eq g, Eq (Index g), Eq v) => Eq (LGridMap g v) Source 
(Show g, Show v) => Show (LGridMap g v) Source 
Generic (LGridMap g v) Source 
FiniteGrid g => FiniteGrid (LGridMap g v) Source 
Grid g => Grid (LGridMap g v) Source 
type BaseGrid (LGridMap g) v = g Source 
type Rep (LGridMap g v) Source 
type Size (LGridMap g v) = Size g Source 
type Index (LGridMap g v) = Index g Source 
type Direction (LGridMap g v) = Direction g Source 

lazyGridMap :: (Ord (Index g), Grid g) => g -> [v] -> LGridMap g v Source

Construct a grid map which is strict in the keys (tile positions), but lazy in the values.

lazyGridMapIndexed :: (Ord (Index g), Grid g) => g -> [(Index g, v)] -> LGridMap g v Source

empty :: Grid g => g -> LGridMap g v Source