group-theory- The theory of groups
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This module provides definitions for Permutations along with useful combinators.


Permutation groups

data Permutation a Source #

Isomorphism of a finite set onto itself. Each entry consists of one half of the isomorphism.

Note: It is the responsibility of the user to provide inverse proofs for to and from. Be responsible!




  • to :: a -> a

    The forward half of the bijection

  • from :: a -> a

    The inverse half of the bijection

Permutation group combinators

permute :: (a -> a) -> (a -> a) -> Permutation a Source #

Build a Permutation from a bijective pair.

pairwise :: Permutation a -> (a -> a, a -> a) Source #

Destroy a Permutation, producing the underlying pair of bijections.

(-$) :: Permutation a -> a -> a infixr 0 Source #

Infix alias for the to half of Permutation bijection

($-) :: Permutation a -> a -> a infixr 0 Source #

Infix alias for the from half of Permutation bijection

embed :: Group g => g -> Permutation g Source #

Embed a Group into the Permutation group on it's underlying set.

retract :: Group g => Permutation g -> g Source #

Get a group element out of the permutation group. This is a left inverse to embed, i.e.

   retract . embed = id

Permutation patterns

pattern Permute :: Group g => Permutation g -> g Source #

Bidirectional pattern synonym for embedding/retraction of groups into their permutation groups.