gtk-0.15.0: Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library.
Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellNone




Create buttons bound to a URL

  • Module available since Gtk+ version 2.10


A LinkButton is a Button with a hyperlink, similar to the one used by web browsers, which triggers an action when clicked. It is useful to show quick links to resources.

A link button is created by calling either linkButtonNew or linkButtonNewWithLabel. If using the former, the URI you pass to the constructor is used as a label for the widget.

The URI bound to a LinkButton can be set specifically using "set linkButton [linkButtonURI := uri]", and retrieved using "uri <- get linkButton linkButtonURI".

LinkButton offers a global hook, which is called when the used clicks on it: see linkButtonSetURIHook.

LinkButton was added in Gtk+ 2.10.

Class Hierarchy

| GObject
| +----Object
| +----Widget
| +----Container
| +----Bin
| +----Button
| +----LinkButton


class ButtonClass o => LinkButtonClass o Source #

LinkButtonClass LinkButton Source # 
Instance details

Defined in Graphics.UI.Gtk.Types


linkButtonNew Source #


:: GlibString string 
=> string

uri - a valid URI

-> IO LinkButton 

Creates a new LinkButton with the URI as its text.

linkButtonNewWithLabel Source #


:: GlibString string 
=> string

uri - a valid URI

-> string

label - the text of the button

-> IO LinkButton 

Creates a new LinkButton containing a label.


linkButtonSetUriHook :: (String -> IO ()) -> IO () Source #

Sets func as the function that should be invoked every time a user clicks a LinkButton. This function is called before every callback registered for the buttonClicked signal.

If no uri hook has been set, Gtk+ defaults to calling showURI.

Removed in Gtk3.


linkButtonURI :: (LinkButtonClass self, GlibString string) => Attr self string Source #

The URI bound to this button.

Default value: ""

  • Available since Gtk+ version 2.10

linkButtonVisited :: LinkButtonClass self => Attr self Bool Source #

The visited state of this button. A visited link is drawn in a different color.

Default value: False

  • Available since Gtk+ version 2.14