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Data Types
Results from a query to Amazon Web Services. API Version 2006-03-01 http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonS3/2006-03-01/
type AWSResult a = Either ReqError a
data ReqError
= NetworkError ConnError
| AWSError String String
prettyReqError :: ReqError -> String
Data Types
type AWSResult a = Either ReqError aSource
A result from processing a request to S3. Either some success value, or a ReqError.
data ReqError Source
An error from an S3 request, either at the network layer, or from S3 itself.
NetworkError ConnErrorConnection error at the network layer.
AWSError String StringAWSError code message constructs an error message from S3 itself. See http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AmazonS3/2006-03-01/ErrorCodeList.html for a detailed list of possible codes.
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prettyReqError :: ReqError -> StringSource
Pretty print an error message.
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