hakaru-0.3.0: A probabilistic programming language

Safe HaskellNone




divide :: AST' Text -> AST' Text -> AST' Text Source #

Smart constructor for divide

prefix :: String -> (a -> a) -> Operator a Source #

postfix :: Parser (a -> a) -> Operator a Source #

blockOfMany :: Parser a -> Parser [a] Source #

Blocks are indicated by colons, and must be indented.

semiblockExpr :: Parser (AST' Text) Source #

Semiblocks are like blocks, but indentation is optional. Also, there are only expr semiblocks.

pseudoblockExpr :: Parser (AST' Text) Source #

Pseudoblocks seem like semiblocks, but actually they aren't indented.

TODO: do we actually want this in our grammar, or did we really mean to use semiblockExpr instead?