hakyll-1.1: A simple static site generator library.




data CustomPage Source

A custom page.



:: String

Destination of the page, relative to _site.

-> [FilePath]

Dependencies of the page.

-> [(String, Either String (Hakyll String))]


-> CustomPage 

Create a custom page.

The association list given maps keys to values for substitution. Note that as value, you can either give a String or a Hakyll String. A Hakyll String is preferred for more complex data, since it allows dependency checking. A String is obviously more simple to use in some cases.

data PagePath Source

PagePath is a class that wraps a FilePath. This is used to render Pages without reading them first through use of caching.


createPagePath :: FilePath -> PagePathSource

Create a PagePath from a FilePath.

data CombinedRenderable a b Source

A combination of two other renderables.


(Renderable a, Renderable b) => Renderable (CombinedRenderable a b)

Render combinations.

combine :: (Renderable a, Renderable b) => a -> b -> CombinedRenderable a bSource

Combine two renderables. The url will always be taken from the first Renderable. Also, if a `$key` is present in both renderables, the value from the first Renderable will be taken as well.

combineWithURL :: (Renderable a, Renderable b) => FilePath -> a -> b -> CombinedRenderable a bSource

Combine two renderables and set a custom URL.