hakyll- A static website compiler library

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



A module containing a box datatype representing a compiled item. This item can be of any type, given that a few restrictions hold:

  • we need a Typeable instance to perform type-safe casts;
  • we need a Binary instance so we can serialize these items to the cache;
  • we need a Writable instance so the results can be saved.



data CompiledItem Source

Box type for a compiled item


forall a . (Binary a, Typeable a, Writable a) => CompiledItem a 

compiledItem :: (Binary a, Typeable a, Writable a) => a -> CompiledItemSource

Box a value into a CompiledItem

unCompiledItem :: (Binary a, Typeable a, Writable a) => CompiledItem -> aSource

Unbox a value from a CompiledItem