hakyll- A static website compiler library

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data Compiler a Source

A monad which lets you compile items and takes care of dependency tracking for you.

getUnderlying :: Compiler Identifier Source

Get the underlying identifier.

getUnderlyingExtension :: Compiler String Source

Get the extension of the underlying identifier. Returns something like ".html"

getRoute :: Identifier -> Compiler (Maybe FilePath) Source

Get the route for a specified item

getResourceBody :: Compiler (Item String) Source

Get the body of the underlying resource

getResourceString :: Compiler (Item String) Source

Get the resource we are compiling as a string

getResourceLBS :: Compiler (Item ByteString) Source

Get the resource we are compiling as a lazy bytestring

getResourceFilePath :: Compiler FilePath Source

Get the file path of the resource we are compiling

type Snapshot = String Source

Whilst compiling an item, it possible to save multiple snapshots of it, and not just the final result.

saveSnapshot :: (Binary a, Typeable a) => Snapshot -> Item a -> Compiler (Item a) Source

Save a snapshot of the item. This function returns the same item, which convenient for building >>= chains.

load :: (Binary a, Typeable a) => Identifier -> Compiler (Item a) Source

Load an item compiled elsewhere. If the required item is not yet compiled, the build system will take care of that automatically.

loadSnapshot :: (Binary a, Typeable a) => Identifier -> Snapshot -> Compiler (Item a) Source

Require a specific snapshot of an item.

loadBody :: (Binary a, Typeable a) => Identifier -> Compiler a Source

A shortcut for only requiring the body of an item.

loadBody = fmap itemBody . load

loadAll :: (Binary a, Typeable a) => Pattern -> Compiler [Item a] Source

This function allows you to load a dynamic list of items

debugCompiler :: String -> Compiler () Source

Compiler for debugging purposes