halma- Library implementing Halma rules

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data HalmaGridSize Source



data HalmaGrid :: HalmaGridSize -> * where Source


SmallGrid :: HalmaGrid S 
LargeGrid :: HalmaGrid L 


Eq (HalmaGrid size) 
Ord (HalmaGrid size) 
Show (HalmaGrid size) 
Grid (HalmaGrid size) 
FiniteGrid (HalmaGrid L) 
FiniteGrid (HalmaGrid S) 
BoundedGrid (HalmaGrid size) 
type Direction (HalmaGrid size) = HexDirection 
type Index (HalmaGrid size) = (Int, Int) 
type Size (HalmaGrid L) = () 
type Size (HalmaGrid S) = () 

sideLength :: HalmaGrid size -> Int Source

Numbers of fields on each straight edge of a star-shaped halma board of the given size.

numberOfFields :: HalmaGrid size -> Int Source

Total number of fields on a halma board of the given size.

rowsInDirection :: HalmaDirection -> (Int, Int) -> Int Source

From the point of view of the given corner: On which row lies the given field? The row through the center is row zero, rows nearer to the corner have positive, rows nearer to the opposite corner negative numbers.

corner :: HalmaGrid size -> HalmaDirection -> (Int, Int) Source

 The corner corresponding to a direction on a star-shaped board of the given size.

type Team = HalmaDirection Source

The corner where the team starts.

startCorner :: HalmaGrid size -> Team -> (Int, Int) Source

The position of the corner field where a team starts.

endCorner :: HalmaGrid size -> Team -> (Int, Int) Source

The position of the end zone corner of a team.

startFields :: HalmaGrid size -> Team -> [(Int, Int)] Source

The start positions of a team's pieces.

endFields :: HalmaGrid size -> Team -> [(Int, Int)] Source

The end zone of the given team.

data HalmaBoard size Source

Map from board positions to the team occupying that position.


Eq (HalmaBoard size) 
Show (HalmaBoard size) 

fromMap :: HalmaGrid size -> Map (Index (HalmaGrid size)) Team -> Maybe (HalmaBoard size) Source

Construct halma boards. Satisfies fromMap (getGrid board) (toMap board) = Just board.

lookupHalmaBoard :: (Int, Int) -> HalmaBoard size -> Maybe Team Source

Lookup whether a position on the board is occupied, and

movePiece Source


:: (Int, Int)

start position

-> (Int, Int)

end position

-> HalmaBoard size 
-> Either String (HalmaBoard size) 

Move a piece on the halma board. This function does not check whether the move is valid according to the Halma rules.