Changelog for hamsql-

v0.7.0 - Fixes all compiler warnings - Fixes several bugs related to ROLE upgrades - Fixes table checks missing after upgrade - Adds --sql-log flag - Adds --version flag - Better SQL-Error presentation - Better test coverage, now using pytest3 - Better usage information for CLI - Code coverage reports - Refactoring of many code parts - Removes support for column templates - Splits library from binary (cabal) - Started API and implementation docs v0.6.0 - Adds resolve complicated dependency issues - Adds resolve change of function return type (if function can be dropped) - Changes connection options to suppress SQL NOTICE messages - Fixes fundamental logic error in pgsqlUpdateFragile Without --perimit-data-deletion upgrades would not create objects etc. - Fixes constraints in schema public are not deleted - Renames Module to Schema - Copletely new Library structure - Reworked Documentation feature - Removes avoidable dependencies - Mostly uses Data.Text instead of String - Renames modules to schemas v0.5.0 - Adds proper deletion of obsolete functions - Changes to no data deletion as default for upgrades v0.4.1 - First release used in production