Changelog for happstack-0.2.1

Happstack 0.2 * Module namespace refactoring from HAppS to Happstack HAppS.Server -> Happstack.Server HAppS.State -> Happstack.State HAppS.Util -> Happstack.Util HAppS.IxSet -> Happstack.IxSet HAppS.Data -> Happstack.Data HAppS.Contrib -> Happstack.Contrib * Creation of additional package 'happstack' * Code generation tool added for creating "quick start" project folders * Removed dependency of happstack-server on happstack-state * Removed dependency of happstack-server on happstack-ixset * Module Cron module moved from happstack-server to happstack-util * Moved Atom, HList, HListBase from happstack-data to happstack-contrib * Monadic machinery for ServerPartT and WebT trimmed / cleaned / optimized (Daniel Rogers) * New experimental gzip filter in happstack-server (similar to apache mod_deflate) * Builtin support for HSP, HStringTemplate (see example template / release notes) * happstack-server once again builds on Windows * Nearly all the exported functions have been documented! * Cookie fix from happstack-helpers was integrated into the main code Happstack 0.1 * Cabal packaging name change: HAppS-Server -> happstack-server HAppS-State -> happstack-state HAppS-Util -> happstack-util HAppS-IxSet -> happstack-ixset HAppS-Data -> happstack-data * Creation of additional package 'happstack-contrib' (HAppS.Contrib) * Moved Facebook module from happstack-server to happstack-contrib * Fixed various warnings * Removed dead modules and many dead code blocks * Turned name resolution off for peers in HTTP.Listen (fixes getNameInfo crash)