happstack-server-7.4.4: Web related tools and services.

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data Cookie Source

a type for HTTP cookies. Usually created using mkCookie.

data CookieLife Source

Specify the lifetime of a cookie.

Note that we always set the max-age and expires headers because internet explorer does not honor max-age. You can specific MaxAge or Expires and the other will be calculated for you. Choose which ever one makes your life easiest.



session cookie - expires when browser is closed

MaxAge Int

life time of cookie in seconds

Expires UTCTime

cookie expiration date


cookie already expired

mkCookie Source


:: String

cookie name

-> String

cookie value

-> Cookie 

Creates a cookie with a default version of 1, empty domain, a path of "/", secure == False and httpOnly == False

see also: addCookie

mkCookieHeader :: Maybe (Int, UTCTime) -> Cookie -> String Source

Set a Cookie in the Result. The values are escaped as per RFC 2109, but some browsers may have buggy support for cookies containing e.g. '"' or ' '.

Also, it seems that chrome, safari, and other webkit browsers do not like cookies which have double quotes around the domain and reject/ignore the cookie. So, we no longer quote the domain.

internet explorer does not honor the max-age directive so we set both max-age and expires.

See CookieLife and calcLife for a convenient way of calculating the first argument to this function.

getCookies :: Monad m => ByteString -> m [Cookie] Source

Get all cookies from the HTTP request. The cookies are ordered per RFC from the most specific to the least specific. Multiple cookies with the same name are allowed to exist.

getCookie :: Monad m => String -> ByteString -> m Cookie Source

Get the most specific cookie with the given name. Fails if there is no such cookie or if the browser did not escape cookies in a proper fashion. Browser support for escaping cookies properly is very diverse.

parseCookies :: String -> Either String [Cookie] Source

Not an supported api. Takes a cookie header and returns either a String error message or an array of parsed cookies

cookiesParser :: GenParser Char st [Cookie] Source

not a supported api. A parser for RFC 2109 cookies