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Unsafe functions.
This module implements relative paths within a Tree. All paths are anchored at a certain root (this is usually the Tree root). They are represented by a list of Names (these are just strict bytestrings).
newtype Name = Name ByteString
newtype AnchoredPath = AnchoredPath [Name]
appendPath :: AnchoredPath -> Name -> AnchoredPath
anchorPath :: FilePath -> AnchoredPath -> FilePath
isPrefix :: AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPath -> Bool
parent :: AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPath
parents :: AnchoredPath -> [AnchoredPath]
catPaths :: AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPath
flatten :: AnchoredPath -> ByteString
makeName :: String -> Name
nameToFilePath :: Name -> FilePath
nameFromFilePath :: FilePath -> Name
floatBS :: ByteString -> AnchoredPath
newtype Name Source
Name ByteString
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newtype AnchoredPath Source
AnchoredPath [Name]
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appendPath :: AnchoredPath -> Name -> AnchoredPathSource
Append an element to the end of a path.
anchorPath :: FilePath -> AnchoredPath -> FilePathSource
Take a root directory and an anchored path and produce a full FilePath. Moreover, you can use anchorPath "" to get a relative FilePath.
isPrefix :: AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPath -> BoolSource
Check whether a path is a prefix of another path.
parent :: AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPathSource
Get parent (path) of a given path. foobarbaz -> foo/bar
parents :: AnchoredPath -> [AnchoredPath]Source
List all parents of a given path. foobarbaz -> [foo, foo/bar]
catPaths :: AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPath -> AnchoredPathSource
Catenate two paths together. Not very safe, but sometimes useful (e.g. when you are representing paths relative to a different point than a Tree root).
flatten :: AnchoredPath -> ByteStringSource
makeName :: String -> NameSource
Unsafe functions.
nameToFilePath :: Name -> FilePathSource
nameFromFilePath :: FilePath -> NameSource
floatBS :: ByteString -> AnchoredPathSource
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