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Make an index from identifiers to modules.


Looking up identifiers

lookupIdent :: [String] -> Text -> IO (Maybe (HashMap Text [Text])) Source #

Lookup an identifier. Automatically creates an index if none exists.

Internally generating indexes

type Index = HashMap Text Text Source #

An identifier index.

generateIndex :: [String] -> IO Index Source #

Generate an identifier index.

generateFlatFile :: [String] -> IO [(String, String, String)] Source #

Generate a flat file of all package, module, name combinations.

saveIndex :: Index -> IO () Source #

Save the index to file.

getIndexFilename :: IO FilePath Source #

Filename to read/write index to.

Internally looking up inside indexes

lookupInIndex :: Text -> IO (Maybe (HashMap Text [Text])) Source #

Lookup an entry in the index by identifier.

extractModules :: ByteString -> HashMap Text [Text] Source #

Extract the "package:Module package:Module" string into a map from package to modules.

sha1 :: String -> String Source #

SHA1 hex-encode a string.

getPkgFlags :: IO String Source #

Get unique package flags string.