haskell-gi-0.23.0: Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries
Safe HaskellNone



Render an abstract representation of documentation (as produced by parseGtkDoc) as Haddock formatted documentation.



deprecatedPragma :: Text -> Maybe DeprecationInfo -> CodeGen () Source #

Write the deprecation pragma for the given DeprecationInfo, if not Nothing.

writeDocumentation :: RelativeDocPosition -> Documentation -> CodeGen () Source #

Write the given documentation into generated code.

data RelativeDocPosition Source #

Where is the documentation located with respect to the relevant symbol, useful for determining whether we want to start with | or ^.

writeHaddock :: RelativeDocPosition -> Text -> CodeGen () Source #

Like writeDocumentation, but allows us to pass explicitly the Haddock comment to write.

writeArgDocumentation :: Arg -> CodeGen () Source #

Write the documentation for the given argument.

writeReturnDocumentation :: Callable -> Bool -> CodeGen () Source #

Write the documentation for the given return value.

addSectionDocumentation :: HaddockSection -> Documentation -> CodeGen () Source #

Add the given text to the documentation for the section being generated.